Team Training & Education

Team Training

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Titan Performance is offering In-Season Team training for sporting teams/clubs in the Smithers area:

Coaches across nearly every sport understand that in order to be competitive, your team must be strong, fast, powerful and injury resilient. Much of this support comes from a precisely executed Strength, Speed, and Conditioning plan training throughout the season. Our goal is provide the highest quality program to support the needs of teams and help them maintain the performance necessary to perform their best.

In-Season sessions will include:

  • Proper Warm-Ups with Emphasis on Improving Hip Mobility & Injury Prevention

  • Basic Strength Development Tailored to Sport & Athlete Needs

  • Quality Speed and Power Maintenance

  • Conditioning support if appropriately planned


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Titan Performance is proud of offer an array education opportunities. If your team, office, practice, or organization would benefit from an expansion of knowledge surrounding the Foundations of Strength & Conditioning, Coach Education, Performance Culture & Team Development, Nutrition, Sleep Performance, Mental Performance, or Overall Health, Fitness, & Wellness, we will strive to support your needs and goals every step of the way.

Follow our news for exciting future conferences & seminars. We expect to be brining in world leading guests regularly and providing lots of free educational material along the way!!!