July 18, 2022 – Monday Morning “Cup of Coffee”

July 18, 2022

Morning Titan Performance Community,


A common phrase we will hear as coaches is “I just can’t stay consistent”


When we unpack that further we usually find out that someone is trying to workout 2x daily, get daily steps in , track everything they eat, meditate, journal and perform yoga each morning. If that sounds overwhelming, its because it is. The most sure fire thing to set yourself up for failure is to do too much all at once.


Does this sound like something you have done before?


If so, this week choose a single healthy habit and complete it once. (Yes just 1x this week)


 A few options you could include:


  • Go to bed 30 minutes earlier
  • Include a 20 minute walk w/ a friend
  • Include 2 vegetables at a dinner


If you are successful then the following week, up it to twice and watch yourself continue that consistency into a brand new version of yourself.


Happy Monday, and enjoy that cup of coffee.


– Coach Riley